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Jeff Nye: Dialogic Studio, 2005, web-based video/performance

Dialogic Studio was part of my MFA research. The project made it possible for people to access my studio production through the livestudio website's live video stream. People were encouraged to make suggestions and comments about the paintings that were being worked on. The dialogues that were formed between myself, as the artist, and the viewer/participant would drive the painting process.

I wore a helmet that limited my view of the studio to a small screen that had the same live video stream which web-participants were experiencing. This was an attempt at making possible for my visual experience of the work to be roughly equal to that of the web-participants. An unanticipated, but extremely enlightening, result of the video helmet was that my visual experience of the painting process was approximately 1/2 of a second behind my physical movements. This created a remarkably disorienting chasm between my visual and haptic experiences. The project became as much about digital interuptions into the physical experience as it was about realizing a studio practice based on dialogue.

The project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

More images to come as we develop the website.