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Jeff Nye: Abandon, by the old dirt road, 2006, 2 paintings, 2 video projections and audio (Saskatchewan Arts Board Permanent Collection)

Abandon, by the old dirt road is an installation combining painting, video projection and audio. The work is an investigation into two abandoned farmhouses in rural Saskatchewan. I interviewed the last inhabitants of each house to uncover their memories of the houses - Eleanor Tannahill and Warren Tannahill. As they tell their stories, the (apparently blank) canvasses come alive with images of the house's interiors as room after room, one becomes engulfed in flame while the other is buried under snow. The images reveal the hours of underpaintings that exist beneath each canvas's final layer. Between the two paintings is a self-portrait, mixing paint at the painting palette, in which my movements are abstracted by the video editing process. This is meant to refer the viewer back and forth between the painting process and digital media.

The work was first exhibited at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina in 2006. It has subsequently been exhibited at Hamilton Artists Inc. in 2012.